one-hundred things

when i was twelve i wrote a list of things i wanted to do before i die, some things have changed, some have stayed the same. i just always want to live my life to the fullest, follow along if you'd like.

01| go on a hot air balloon ride.
02| skydive. (even though i doubt i'll ever have the guts to actually do it.)
03| stay with my cousins in florida. again. again.
04| own an old farm house one day, with creaky floors, a screen door, and a barn.
05| go trail riding (on a horse)
06| always stay in touch with people who mean the most.
07| read the whole bible.
08| climb mount whitney
09| learn how to bake & cook without recipes.
10| hike to the top of a large waterfall. (hiked to the top of upper yosemite falls. 2012)
11| jump off the rock at the river with my best friend.
12| sleep on the roof. 
13| skinny dip.
14| make a time capsule.
15| get a tattoo.
16| visit new zealand.
17| become a teacher.
18| own a jeep.
19| travel the united states campsite to campsite.
20| eat all natural food for a year.
21| go on a road trip.
22| fall in love.
23| get married.
24| have children. all boys ;)
25| have a farm one day. with a big garden.
26| visit greece.
27| see taylor swift in concert.
28| meet shannon. (my pen pal of now eight years.)
29| visit shannon in canada.
30| ice skate.
31| go to hawaii.
32| have a mud fight.
33| eat at dennys in the middle of the night, in my pajamas.
34| go to nashville.
35| see an ultrasound.
36| own a french bull dog.
37| have a bonfire on the beach.
38| fish early in the morning with my husband.
39| sleep in a tent.
40| run a marathon.
41| visit ryan in colorado.


  1. This is awesome :) I'm a huge goal-setter/list-maker myself <3 and I love your blog by the way!

    - Sarah

    1. thank you so much! wanna pop on over and check out/follow my blogs new home? I'd really appreciate it!

  2. No. 16...I live in New Zealand! COME VISIT! :)

  3. Absolutely love bucket lists. I used to have one on myspace (haha), but then it got lost after I deleted my account. You've inspired me to back one again! Oh, and DONT doubt on skydiving. I just did it, and it was the most incredible experience (:
    Also, love the blog! Where's the follow button, couldn't find it?

    1. me too! i'm always asking people what is on their bucket lists.
      ah, really? i know i would love the experience, but i think someone might have to push me out of the plane. ;)

      i didn't have a follow button. i do now though. love your blog as well by the way!

    2. hi! my blog has now moved, and has a blog lovin follow button ;) or you can subscribe to get esmils if you choose. or just drop by and say hello, I'd love to know what you think!


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